We have compiled a list of resources that you can use to help get your fundraiser off the ground. These resources provide information about selecting fundraisers, getting one started, finding volunteers and more. If you need a little more help in raising funds, check out these resources.

The following are different resources about volunteering and fundraising.

10 Sure-Fire School Fundraisers by Scholastic: Many people know Scholastic as a publisher of books and educational materials. They also have a great website with many different resources on it, including a list of fundraisers that many schools have had great success with.

17 Fundraising Ideas to Raise More Money: Instead of listing different fundraising programs, this webpage provides little tips on how to make your chosen fundraiser better. Tips include things like specializing, knowing your audience, and ways you can be creative with your fundraiser.

100 Fundraising Ideas from Juniata College. There aren’t a lot of details for each event, but many of these ideas are pretty self-explanatory. If you’re looking to put together a list of potential fundraisers for your group, you might look here.

5 Unique Fundraising Ideas: The Fundraising Authority, a blog that has information and tools for nonprofits, has created a list of five different fundraising ideas that are a little bit different. The reserve raffle is an especially fun idea that might be great for schools.’s Nonprofit and Charitable Orgs section has a great page on Fundraising. These resources include information on volunteer grants, fundraising ideas, and much more.

The Afterschool Alliance has a section of their website devoted to fundraising. This includes things like finding sponsors for your programs, sample letters to send to them, and more. These resources are looking to fund afterschool programs in the long term, which can be very helpful to those trying to start a new organization.

Fundraiser Help provides many different resources for groups, including grant information, help with fundraiser ideas, and even some sample letters and other items. The tips section is especially worth checking out if you want some ideas on how to make your fundraisers more successful.

Network for Good: This site has many different ideas for nonprofits, companies, and other groups doing fundraisers. They have links to free webinars, blogs, and case studies on fundraising, all of which can be helpful to those trying to get a fundraiser off the ground.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Contribute or read about various ideas for fundraisers and nonprofit organizations at the Nonprofit Blog Carnival. Each month, the carnival has a different theme, and readers are encouraged to participate by submitting their own ideas.

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Points of Light is an organization that helps programs find volunteers through four different ways: the HandsOn Network, the GenerationOn program (a volunteer program for young people), the AmeriCorps Alums, and the Points of Light Corporate Institute.

Reach Out & Read is always in need of volunteers to read to children. If you live in a community that has a Reach Out & Read program, consider donating a few hours a week as a reader. They also need donations of books, bookcases, and other items for their reading rooms.

Recycling is vital for cleaning up the environment and keeping our communities clean. By reusing recycled items to produce new products we reduce the impact we have on mother nature. Also, it doesn’t hurt that you can also make a little bit of extra money by recycling the right types of items. has a great article on why high school students should volunteer. It lists the different benefits one gains from being a volunteer, including learning skills that will come in handy in the workplace and impressing college admissions officials.

Volunteer Solutions is an organization that helps match volunteers with nonprofits, organizations, and others who are in need of some help. Simply put in your zip code and you’ll see a list of groups in your area who are looking for volunteers.

Volunteer Match is another great site that helps match up volunteers with different organizations. You can look specifically for volunteer activities with animals, arts, human rights, and other interests.

Volunteering in America, a website run by the National Conference on Citizenship, has many different volunteer options. The website lets you search by state or city. is the National and Cultural Resources Volunteer Portal for volunteering with national parks, wildlife refuges, and other national landmarks. The site lets you easily search by state, interest, or keywords.

Volunteer Hub has some good online tools for schools. By creating an interactive calendar, volunteers can easily view what programs need help, when they need it, and what they need. Signing up is easy, and coordinators don’t have to worry about calling volunteers or handing out sign up sheets.

Volunteer Spot is a great resource for those who manage volunteers and programs. It’s aimed at school volunteers, but the software can be modified for use with just about any program. It can also be used to collect funds, and many of the tools are free to use.

Volunteerism Worldwide has a great article on the benefits of volunteering. If you’re wondering why you should give of your time, this list of benefits is sure to convince you why it’s a great idea.