Looking for a great fundraising idea? Here are some of the different fundraising events that have proven to help organizations reach their goals. We’ve organized our events into two sections. The first is fundraising events and activities that students can do themselves; while the second includes fundraisers that adults can do to help their kids raise money.

Fundraising Events for Students

  • Bake sale. This is one of the most tried and true fundraising methods out there. It does, however, rely on finding volunteers willing to bake a variety of tasty cookies and other desserts to sell. However, everyone loves a treat every now and then, and most bake sales don’t have any trouble selling out.
  • Candy sales. Similar to bake sales, there are a number of different fundraising kits students can purchase that include different candy bars. Candy is also very easy to sell, especially at sporting events. While there is an initial start-up cost, candy sale fundraisers rarely fail.
  • Car wash. This is a great fundraiser for warm weather. Many local businesses will allow students to use their parking lots for a car wash fundraiser. You don’t have a lot of startup costs, either. Make certain you advertise the car wash ahead of time.
  • Concession stands. Sporting events, town-wide events, and other gatherings are the perfect place for students to set up concession stands. It’s easy to buy wholesale beverages and snacks and then re-sell them at a reasonable markup. Older students can run these stands themselves, while younger students may need a roster of parent volunteers to handle the money.
  • Cookie dough fundraiser. Another great item to sell. Frozen cookie dough is a great seller, especially since it doesn’t have to be used right away. These fundraisers usually have a variety of different dough available so there’s something for everyone.
  • Flowers and bulbs. Many organizations sell flower bulbs twice a year in the fall and the spring. There are different bulbs offered in each season, and they usually come with instructions for planting the bulbs and cultivating the flowers.
  • Magazine subscriptions. This is one of the more difficult fundraisers, but it’s still successful more often than not. Students sell subscriptions to a select list of magazines, usually at prices far lower than individual magazine issues sell for.
  • Candles. Candles are another favorite item for a fundraiser. Since many people now have wax melting pots, selling scented wax bars has also become a popular fundraiser.
  • Local restaurant discount cards. Many large chains will partner with schools to sell discount cards. The organization gets a percentage of each card sold, while those who purchase the card get free menu items or a discount off each meal.
  • Gather used printer cartridges and sell them to a recycling center. Students can also set up an aluminum can recycling collection area. These fundraisers may not make all of the money a group needs, but they can be a good way of supplementing other activities.
  • Sell raffle tickets for items that have been donated. You could also set up a jar of marbles or other items and have people buy guesses as to how many there are.

Fundraising Events for Parents

While parents may be involved in some of the above fundraisers, there are some that they may want to do that don’t involve their children at all.

  • Host a spaghetti dinner. Parents volunteer to provide and cook dinner. Talented parents may also volunteer to provide entertainment.
  • Hold a charity golf tournament. If you have a local golf course, talk to the owner about donating the course for a day.
  • Start a monthly café at your local church or during the sports season. Parents can take turns doing the cooking and providing the ingredients for the meals.
  • Have a pancake breakfast. Pancakes are fairly cheap to make, and even if you serve other foods, parents won’t have to pay that much for the ingredients.
  • Parents can participate in many of the fundraisers that their students do. For example, many parents take candy and other items to sell at their workplace.