Our listing of fundraising events is very extensive. We’ve divided our list into two sections. One lists the fundraisers students can do themselves. These events are usually fairly easy and don’t require any special skills and they can be adapted to fit just about any type of school group. Our second set of fundraisers is for adults. These programs are designed to help parents raise money for their children and are great for booster clubs and PTAs.

Welcome to!

Our mission is to provide a large number of resources for teachers and school administrators to use to fund their programs. We want to be the go-to place for fundraising ideas. We have information on those tried-and-true methods that many other schools have used to raise money, but we also have innovative fundraising ideas and experiments that other groups have not tried. Our goal is to take some of the stress out of school fundraisers by providing ideas, research and resources for fundraising. We also want to offer information on results from these fundraising programs so you can see what works, what didn’t and how you can run a successful fundraiser. Fundraising doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. Let us provide everything you need so you can focus on what’s important: the students.

Past Projects

Here are a few of the different types of organizations we have worked with and some of the top fundraising projects that has been a part of:

Schools – we assisted a small high school with a fundraiser to provide a scholarship in honor of a teacher who passed away from a sudden illness. The students more than doubled their target goal.

Sports Teams – a cheerleading team partnered with us to sell a number of different healthy snack alternatives as a way of both raising money for new uniforms and promoting their school’s healthy diet program.

Church Groups – while our main focus is on helping schools raise money, we have also assisted a number of church organizations. We have worked with a number of youth groups who needed a fundraising plan to fund their church camp excursions and missionary trips. One very successful campaign involved selling flower bulbs in the late fall and again in the early spring.

Non-Profits – we also work with non-profit groups. In this sector, one of our most successful partnerships was with an animal shelter that was seeking funds to purchase new kennel equipment. They did a combination of fundraisers over several months, including selling different products and holding contests such as guessing how many different dog biscuits fit into a large bowl.

Top Fundraising Ideas

Need a good fundraiser? Here are some of the best fundraising ideas!

  • Sell candy. It’s cheap and everyone loves it.
  • Sell healthy snacks like bananas and apples, if candy doesn’t seem to work.
  • Hold a raffle. Ask local businesses or members of your organization to contribute prizes.
  • Sell frozen cookie dough.
  • Hold a car wash.
  • Have a walk-a-thon.
  • Have a talent show and sell tickets to it.
  • Have a read-a-thon where supporters pledge a certain amount of money for each book a student reads within a certain amount of time.
  • Sell magazine subscriptions.
  • Sell candles.
  • Sell discount cards that provide discounts or free items at local businesses.

How to Work with Us

Want to work with us on your next fundraiser? Here’s what you do:

  1. Browse the different fundraiser ideas we have on our site and pick the one that seems to fit your group the best.
  2. Contact us through our contact page to let us know what we can help you with or for more information.
  3. Download some of free tools to help you prepare for your fundraiser, such as informational pamphlets, posters, and other marketing materials.
  4. That’s it! Once you receive your fundraising items, you’re ready to raise your funds!

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