Many different after school programs can make use of fundraisers to raise money for various events, trips, equipment, and other activities. These programs range from athletics to science fairs, language clubs to marching band. Here are some of the afterschool programs that may make use of a fundraiser:

Athletic Teams – while many schools do provide some equipment, transportation, and other necessary items for their sports teams, they are not always able to afford everything. This is especially true for small schools. Booster clubs often help fundraise new uniforms or new equipment. Athletic teams can include everything from baseball and football to track & field and gymnastics.

Anti- Bullying Program –You probably remember the predicament of classroom and school bus bullying from your days at school. Whether a student is in elementary, middle, or high school, statistics show that anti-bullying clubs reduce bullying by over 50%. We assist students, parents, and educators who are interested in starting a club in their school to get started and provide ongoing  support.

Art Club – students who love to paint, draw, sculpt, and do other arts often get together after school to work on their projects. Some schools have art classes, but some don’t, and these after school programs become the only art outlet students have. Fundraised money usually goes towards buying more art supplies or taking trips to museums.

Computer/Robotics Club – robotics has become more and more popular with people of all ages, and some students have formed computer or robotics clubs to explore this area. These clubs build and program their own robots, and some even participate in competitions. Fundraising helps provide the materials to build the robots and funds to travel to the competitions.

Dances – many schools hold social dances for students, but these are one of the first things to get cut from the budget. Students enjoy these types of functions, and it gives them a place to socialize outside of class. Students might want to raise funds to cover the cost of a DJ, pay for decorations, or for catering.

Foreign Language Clubs – students who are interested in learning a foreign language might want to join a foreign language club. These clubs often teach languages that aren’t a part of the regular school curriculum. Fundraisers may help pay for a native speaker to visit the class, for textbooks, or for computer software like Rosetta Stone.

Marching Band & Jazz Ensembles – music is a great way for students to express themselves while learning a skill that they will enjoy throughout their entire lives. Being a part of a band also promotes discipline and teamwork. However, many schools have had to cut music classes, leaving things like marching band and jazz ensembles to after school programs. Students may have to raise funds to cover instruments, uniforms, and performance spaces.

Science Fairs – learning how chemicals react, exploring the biology of various animals, and searching the stars are all important things for kids to learn. Science fairs can help make science fun, and they give students a hands-on activity. Some students may need to hold a fundraiser for their science fair, especially if it’s done through an after school program.

School Raffles – schools often hold raffles at proms and other events as a way of rewarding students. Some give students more chances to win if they make higher grades, while others hold different contests. Many times, schools ask for donations or hold fundraisers in order to purchase the prizes.

Theatre – students who want to pursue a career in the performing arts may want to join an after school theatre group. They learn different acting methods and get to perform in plays. Those who don’t want to be on the stage can learn the technical side of theatre, such as lighting, scenery production, and directing. Theatre groups often work together with after school music programs, too. While these programs may be partially funded by ticket sales, they may also need to hold fundraisers to help fund costumes, scenery, props, and to obtain the rights to perform certain plays.

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