About us

SchoolFundRaisingEvents.com has been a leader in fundraising resources and information since 2008. The site was started as a partnership between several parents who had dealt with school fundraisers for years. They noticed a lack of good resources that covered all of the basics of fundraising and provided assistance to those who were trying to plan successful fundraisers. During a discussion after one particularly stressful fundraiser, they decided to create a resource for other parents that provided the basics and helped them find help with fundraisers. They pooled their fundraising knowledge and created SchoolFundRaisingEvents.com. Since then, they have gathered more information from other parents, students, and teachers, and the site continues to grow today.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to help connect volunteers with schools to assist with fundraising. These volunteers will help with fundraising for a variety of different school activities and programs that enrich the lives of the students involved and further their education in ways that traditional classroom learning might not be able to. Many schools have seen their arts budgets slashed in recent years, resulting in the loss of music, art, dance, and other vital programs. To that end, we strive to find the perfect fundraisers for each program and match these programs up with volunteers who will be able to help them achieve their fundraising goals.

Our Website Goal

We hope you find this website informative and helpful in your own fundraising endeavors. Our goal in creating this site is to provide as much information as possible, which is presented in an organized, easy to use fashion. The information is presented as accurately as possible, and we include as much detail as we can. We work to keep all of the information on the site updated, and new content is added as soon as it becomes available.

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